Writing Wrongs

March 31, 2006

Sight: I love the look of a military haircut (think high and tight) on a guy. I know, I know. Iím a product of conditioning. But, it must be a good haircut, because a bad haircut is simply a bad haircut. Alternately, I love this painting:

Mainly because I think Roses for Stalin (name of the painting) would make a great title for a novel. Now all I need is a story to go with it.

Hearing: All These Things That Iíve Done by The Killers. This is the current family favorite. Yes, we all listen to the alternative station when weíre not listening to Radio Disney.

Touch: Toddler belly. I just love that extra bit of fat toddlers have on their bellies. Of course, lots of people have extra fat on their bellies. Toddlers just know how to work it.

Smell: Freshly ground coffee. Again, this is something the entire family agrees on (well, maybe not Bob--Iím not sure he cares about coffee). The kids? Go crazy for the smell.

Taste: Really rich chocolate, the stuff thatís so rich your face gets flushed and you break out in a sweat. Now thatís good chocolate.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:34 p.m.