Writing Wrongs

April 28, 2006

Oh, it has been a long week of training and trying to stay on top of things. But I am an install fool at this point. I live for software installations. Itís true.

Following Marianneís lead, Iím going to post a few things I know about my writing, in no particular order.

1. Iím pretty sure that panic attack about not having another idea is just that--a panic attack. But, thereís always a span of time when I wonder whether Iíll write another book. Itís not so much that I donít have ideas, but I need a BIG idea, one that grabs hold of me and doesnít let go. The sort Iíd write no matter the outcome (published/stuck in a drawer/laminated into a lovely doorstop).

2. I love writing in the zone, but a lot of the time, Iíd rather go to the dentist than write that first draft.

3. Unlike life and brain surgery, you get do-overs in writing. Hence, I love revisions. I love adding texture, layering, and I donít even mind pulling a book apart--as long as I have a plan.

4. I will never, ever, attempt another book without extensive character workups first. (Oddly enough, I love doing character work, but the more I do, the easier that first draft goes. See #2.)

5. I think Iíve finally found a method for doing those revisions. Fingers crossed.

6. Edited to add (see, I love revisions): Time and distance make the best editors. Hands down.

Well, thatís all I know, only fivesix things. And not one of them included a step for installing software. Nice.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:40 p.m.