Writing Wrongs

June 08, 2006

On the way to daycare the other morning, as we swung onto the onramp, we saw one of these fellows booking across the highway.

Andrew was enthralled. Wow, Mommy. Hes giving a hundred and ten percent.

I had to laugh. Then I wondered. From which sports coachs mouth had that particular phrase sprung? Football, basketball, or both?

But Im feeling like that snapping turtle when it comes to the revisions Im doing, although I hope my expression isnt quite so peevish. I feel like Im booking across the interstate; Im giving one hundred and ten percent (or at the very least, one hundred percent, okay, more like 96.78%), and yet at any moment, I feel as though a Ford Fiesta could come zipping by and bounce me off the road.

I think Im pretty grounded. I got a good grip on the asphalt, so to speak. I can see the other side from here, but its a long trip across that road. Its a long trip just to the yellow dotted line. I sometimes tell Andrew when he feels up to his ears in homework/projects that slow and steady wins the race.

Every once in a while, usually when I least expect it, he postulates, You know, Mommy. Slow and steady doesnt always win the race.

No wonder turtles look so peevish.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:41 a.m.