Writing Wrongs

June 12, 2006

Todayís blog brought to you courtesy of the random paragraph generator.

Whoever said writing was hard?

The sample defeats the blast below the withdrawing lens. Writing mixes Charity around the forbidding container. Charity trades a goal opposite the skill. Above Writing hurts a powder.

This is true. Writing really is mixing me around the forbidding container. And it hurts like a powder.

The native dictatorship motors Charity beneath the instinct. Writing buffers Charity outside the writer. Outside Charity cracks Writing. The width crawls! Charity cracks the candidate beside a temporary cruise.

Take that, writing! Crack. Letís see your width crawl now.

Writing damages the mass with a defined food. Writing flies past Charity. Writing sauces Charity beneath the flour. Why can't Charity hope into Writing?

Oh, sure, not only does writing fly past me, it sauces me beneath the flour, not to mention that whole mess with the defined food. Goodness knows there is no hope.

Charity updates the dirt on top of the century. Why does Writing comprise a decade? The relative plays opposite the arm. Charity toys with an outdated sector. Why can't the unfortunate beard accept behind Charity?

Yes, why does writing comprise a decade? Thatís what Iíd like to know. Probably because Iím busy updating dirt on top of the century. The century can update its own dirt from now on.

Writing crawls against the hell. The prohibited divine combats its incentive. Charity whistles around Writing. How can the battle keep Charity?

Oh, it really does crawl against the hell. How do they know these things? Itís like I wrote this myself. So thatís why writing comprises a decade. And that whole thing about the battle?

Man, I hate cliffhanger endings.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:41 p.m.