Writing Wrongs

June 15, 2006

Stolen from Marianne.

Then things I love but didnít have ten years ago. Okay, casting my mind back to 1996 (yikes), letís see what we have, other than the biggies, of course, such as The Negotiator (Andrew) and The Marvelous Miss B. (Kyra).

1. My iPod. I love my iPod.

2. My Mobile Pro. Ditto on the love thing going on here. Iíve used it to write parts of three (and counting) books so far.

3. Cable modems and wireless internet.

4. Five (and counting) completed manuscripts. One every two years? I guess thatís a pretty good average, considering the fulltime job, two kids, and all the rest.

5. Online writing friends. Iím not really sure Iíd ever get involved with a ďreal lifeĒ writing group. Read out loud for critique? Gak! No. Thank. You.

6. Grande, nonfat, no water chai from Starbucks. It doesnít take much to make me happy.

7. Digital cameras.

8. Google

9. Delivery confirmation.

10. Perspective. Ask me in another ten years, and Iíll probably have more.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:49 p.m.