Writing Wrongs

June 20, 2006

So I was brainstorming titles for my new YA, which I’m in the “think a lot about” stage. Last night, I saw the most adorable high school couple while we were at the park. He was all prepped out, the way I imagine Landon to be. She had her own style. I liked her immediately and thought of MacKenna.

As I was saying, I’m brainstorming what I might call this story. I thought of The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath. I searched on that (with quotes to eliminate garbage returns) and got nothing. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I’m searching on this phrase because a good chunk of the story is about synchronized swimming. I know. Do I know high concept or what? If I could toss a vampire in there, I’d be all set. (Snort) Seriously, the phrase also reminds me of MacKenna’s life in general, but the title (not to mention the actual story) is very much a work in progress.

So I also tried searching on “how to hold your breath” just for fun and found this web site:

The Mermaid Lady

Yes, she’s a mermaid in her spare time. Note that the page comes with multiple warnings and cautions. I’d listen to her if I were you. Of course, I used to hold my breath, head toward the bottom of the pool, and skull with my feet/shins/knees out of the water--just for fun.

Curious, I searched further and found Weeki Wachee Spring: the only city of live Mermaids.

People! They have mermaid camp. Mermaid camp! Isn’t that the best thing? Ever? And you can turn it into a career (well, after all the SCUBA, CPR, and other training). So, if a certain Marvelous Miss B maintains her interest in being a mermaid, should I be the indulgent parent and let her go to mermaid camp, or do I pretend I never, ever, saw this?

I’ll let know.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:44 p.m.