Writing Wrongs

June 23, 2006

A long while back--so long ago, Iím not even going to search out where in the archives--I talked about ďwriting the 250.Ē Thatís 250 words each day on whatever manuscript I was working on. Because reasonably, I could do that, right? Just about anyone could.

Now Iíve discovered something new. Itís called rewriting the 250 because this is a revision Iím working on, but the scenes are new, thanks to Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.

The whole thing with having new material = better (with luck) story is great. Revising and editing arenít that tough. Because I had let the manuscript sit for a year (!), it was like editing someone elseís work. Well, almost.

But the brand new scenes--the ones residing only in my mind and in cryptic notes? Not so easy. In fact, I was thinking about chucking the whole project. Clearly, this was going nowhere. Could I still even write in Bethanyís voice? It didnít feel like it.

But sometimes with writing, you gotta ignore those feelings. I wonder, too, if it has something to do with being in full revision/editing mode and switching over to what is essentially first draft mode.

So out comes the rewriting the 250. Because even if the changes I made look snazzy in my notes and translated well to a synopsis (Oh, have I mentioned? I have a synopsis. Yay, me!), itís still the literary equivalent to ďvaporwareĒ until I make the changes in the manuscript.

And revise and edit them. But thatís a post for another day. As for now, I hear the 250 calling my name.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:40 p.m.