Writing Wrongs

June 28, 2006

Itís true. Itís always easier and more fun to play around with someone elseís manuscript than it is to work on your own. So in that spirit, I offer up this for fun:

I need a name for a gated community. The Google search I did left me uninspired and itís now XYZ in the actual manuscript. (I sometimes tell Andrew I was going to name him Baby Boy XYZ. He doesnít believe me.) I need something that sounds ungodly pretentious. Itís the only gated community in this town, a rather new addition, on the outskirts, bordered by farmland. As Bethany (in the story) wonders: What are they trying to keep out? Cows, maybe?

So if youíre busy procrastinating, feel free to play. If I use your suggestion, I will gratefully list you in the acknowledgements. Granted, for a book that doesnít have a publisher, this doesnít mean a whole lot. Itís the thought that counts.

In other games, last night Andrew and Kyra made a new little friend at the rainbow park. (It used to be the new park, to distinguish it from the ďoldĒ park. Then the old park got a facelift and became the new old park, and the other park, the old new park. Then it got confusing and we adopted Kyraís name for it.)

Andrewís a good kid; he plays with his sister. If there are boys his age around, he asks if she can be included. He doesnít have any issues with his street cred. Anyway, the three decided at one point to play duck, duck, gray duck.

Now, when I left the green, green pollen-infested grass of Minnesota for college (in the green, green pollen-infested grass of Wisconsin), I was informed that it is not duck, duck, gray duck but duck, duck, goose. One (obnoxious) individual even went on to suggest that either 1) I was a moron because I had the name wrong, or 2) I came from a state of morons.

Ah, university life. Forget the philosophical discussions until three in the morning. Forget politics. Forget the frat keggers. What really matters is the freaking name of a childrenís game.

Why this came up--more than once--while I was at college, Iíll never know. But thanks to Google, I stand vindicated.

I give you:

Gray Duck Central


Duck, Duck, Gray Duck on Wikipedia (scroll down)

God, I love the internet.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:00 p.m.