Writing Wrongs

July 04, 2006

Courtesy of Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers:

Cancer: Many, many gifted writers and editors and filmmakers (Larry David for one) are Cancers. Astrological researchers have found that the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is prominent in the charts of the great writers of our time. This year, with Jupiter in Scorpio, the stars support your projects, lift your spirits, and line your wallet.

Oh, I like this. A lot. Iíd even take two out of three, although the lining of oneís wallet would be nice. And I have been writing. A lot. So far, Iíve added sixty pages--and my goal is to add to the story--and thatís with a bunch of cutting as well.

And. We have bunnies. Or rabbits. Or whatever you want to call them. Last year, when a big storm came through and knocked out a few trees, our power for a day, I think it also knocked down the nest or branch where a local hawk used to live. I havenít seen her all spring or summer.

Without that natural predator hanging about, our rabbit population has multiplied like . . . well, rabbits. So far Kyra has named two: Fluffy and Puffy (she wanted to name one Cheerleader, but we already named an iguana that). Andrew named one Spiff. But there are so many, many more to name.

The other day, we caught one that had deposited its fat self in the middle of our one and only whiskey barrel, which happens to be the one and only place I planted some flowers, which apparently are a bunny delicacy. You must understand. I canít grow anything. I donít see why the rabbit needed to rub my nose in that fact.

Injury, meet insult.

I think Iíll name this one. Iím calling it Cheerleader.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 8:25 a.m.