Writing Wrongs

July 07, 2006

I think the correlation between number of blog posts each week and whether or not Iím in story-land is a good one. If Iím in story-land, Iím not updating the blog as much. Or at all. I am remiss.

Ah, but itís really nice to be back in story-land, especially since I wasnít sure I could find my way here again, at least not with this story. I was truly excited about all the work I did using the Breakout Novel workbook, but was I wasnít sure I could translate that into actual prose.

Okay, Iím still not sure, even if I am writing actual prose. At first, I wasnít sure I could capture Bethanyís voice again. Iím a huge proponent of letting a manuscript sit for a while, but maybe I had let this one sit for too long.

I just ignored those feelings and did it. I simply wrote whatever it was I needed to write. There are two variations of feelings when it comes to writing. Thereís a gut feeling you get when you know something isnít right with a scene and you canít write. Itís good to listen to that feeling.

Then thereís the almost-but-not quite gut feeling. It looks like the gut feeling; it acts like the gut feeling; it tastes like the gut feeling. But it isnít. That feeling needs to be ignored.

So I did, and broke through to the other side. Whatís on the other side? Why story-land, of course.

How do you know youíre in story-land? First, a sense of giddiness wells up inside you. You feel like you could write forever, and honestly wonder why you havenít been writing forever, fool that you are. You lose sense of time. Or place. Personal hygiene can take a backseat. You may succumb to the urge to rub your hands together and chuckle softly to yourself.

Uh, not that Iíve ever done that.

So if you donít see me much this weekend, Iím either at the zoo (with the kids) or off in story-land.

As for the girl over in the corner, rubbing her hands together and chuckling softly to herself?

Just ignore her.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:57 a.m.