Writing Wrongs

August 17, 2006

So Andrew wanted to be a character in the book Iím working on (The Geek Girlís Guide to Cheerleading). First, he wanted to be the basketball star, Jack. In fact, he was a little miffed that I didnít automatically assign his name to that role.

I had to break it to him. ďIf youíre the basketball star, you have to kiss a girl.Ē

Enthusiasm was immediately dampened. But I did promise to put him in. I have a gaggle of skinny freshman wrestlers in this story. They travel in a pack for the most part (safety in numbers and all that), but they have a ringleader: Andrew.

And itís a little weird to write skinny freshman wrestler Andrew. I generally donít give a character a name of someone I know really well, with one exception. Iíll often give antagonists the name of someone I admire simply to remind myself of their softer side (even the villain is the hero of his own story).

So having Andrew in my manuscript is odd. And I wonder if a long string of ďifsĒ ever materialize (if I get an acceptable manuscript/agent/editor/published book), heíll at some point not like being skinny freshman wrestler Andrew. But if I ever publish YA, I plan to go with a pseudonym. Thereís only so much embarrassment I want to cause my children in their teen years. I plan on doing that by wearing weird shoes and being eccentric in public.

And thereís one other thing I havenít told Andrew. His namesake?

Is crushing hard on the main character Bethany.

But at least thereís no kissing.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:45 a.m.