Writing Wrongs

September 06, 2006

Today, the Marvelous Miss B, also known as Kyra, is four. Four years, and yet itís difficult to conceive of a universe without her. Actually, itís difficult for Kyra to conceive of a universe without her. She will tell you--with absolute authority--that she saw Andrew as a baby and that she was the big sister (this may also be wishful thinking). And she chuckles, thinking of him as small and puny and in a diaper (the diaper gets the biggest laugh).

And why Miss B? Well, Andrew started calling her Kyra Beera soon after she was born. Then it was Miss Beera. Then it was Miss B, the petite sophisticate, but thatís hard to say, so we shortened it to Miss B. Now, more often than not, I simply call her B.

Shopping is going to happen at the last minute, which isnít as terribly callous as it might seem. Anything in Targetís pink aisle is a treasure, so really, all I have to do is stroll up and down and toss random items into the cart.

She claims to want the talking baby Chou-Chou, but Iím thinking itís chou-chou expensive. She also wants the Princess Dora the Explorer whose hair grows. A while back in Toys R Us, we stood in front of the Dora display and got four dancing Doras going at once, then started the princesses in on growing their hair. (Yes, we are the people you hate.)

After the shopping: Yes, the talking baby Chou-Chou was chou-chou expensive, but sitting right next to it was the Fisher Price bath-time baby. And sheís wanted a baby doll that can go into the bath for just about forever. Plus! We have the four-princess (one for each year) birthday cake.

The 4-Princess Cake. Go on. You know you want it.

At this point, Iím pretty much girly-girled out. It could take weeks to recover.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 7:03 p.m.