Writing Wrongs

September 13, 2006

So, I had this dream the other night. I drove the thirty miles between here and New York (because, you know, dreams work that way) to meet with an A-list type agent. Iíd use her name, except sheís real, I might like to query her again someday, and who knows, the dream thing might be the creepy ew factor that keeps her from signing me on (in my dreams, so to speak).

So, sheís on the fence about The Geek Girlís Guide. Lots to like, she says, but sheís uncertain. Sheís going to pass. Nice. Iím getting rejected in my dreams. Thereís no escaping it, is there?

But, at the same time, her assistant is paging through the manuscript. He comes across a paragraph on page 100, highlights it in yellow, and passes it to Ms. A-list Agent.

Whatever bit of authorly brilliance is contained on page 100, it clinches the deal. She wants to represent me now. I babble incoherently. We hug. (This must be the dream version of a contract.) Then the assistant and I hug. Everyone is happy. Iím a little nervous, because in my dream, Iíve done less editing than I already have on GGG. Iíll really need to get to work.

Note to self: check to see whatís on page 100.

I canít wait to get home (all thirty miles between Minnesota and New York). Then, in that magical dream way, I am home, at the computer, starting to compose messages to my friends, email loops, and message boards. The subject line is this:

Subject: omg omg omg omg omg

But before I can send any messages and receive any responses, the alarm goes off.

Isnít that always the way?

So, Iím pondering the significance of that 100. What does it really represent? Maybe:

That first option is looking better all the time. But really, I need to go check whatís on page 100.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 6:28 a.m.