Writing Wrongs

September 17, 2006

Today, Kyra was world building in the best tradition of fantasy authors. I was a big werewolf with beautiful long hair in braids and I carried the little werewolves (Kyra and her baby doll) on my back as we escaped from the bad dragon (Andrew).

She had quite the story going. If I were a paranormal writer, I’d be taking serious notes, because amazingly, I think she came up with some “same only different” aspects of the genre. We should all write like four year olds (well, some of the time).

I washed all of Andrew’s football stuff. Do you know that all this rough ‘n tough football pants and jerseys are cold water, delicate cycle only type of things? Does this make any sense? I mean, that’s what Victoria Secret models use to wash their wares. This year, the instructions on Andrew’s jersey include “Hand Dry.” So I’m what, supposed to blot it with a towel? Hold it up and take a blow dryer to it? I think, actually, it’s a typo and we’re supposed to hang it to dry.

Ha. I’ve been throwing the whole mess into the dryer (set on air dry). So far the world has not ended.

Kyra and I took a walk today and enjoyed the warm sunshine, cool air, and fall colors. We talked about how big she’s getting. I don’t know if next spring, she’ll still be light enough for the jogging stroller. It was one of the reasons I walked instead of ran to day--to simply enjoy it and her.

The seasons change and I won’t always be able to push her in the stroller--or carry her on my back like the large, avenging werewolf mommy.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 3:27 p.m.