Writing Wrongs

October 02, 2006

You really need to win Colin Firth

Seriously, we all need to win Colin Firth. And you can--if you go over to Risky Regencies and comment. You’ll be entered in the drawing to win the tenth anniversary collector’s DVD set.

You know, I have the special edition, but hmm . . . I don’t have the collector’s edition. Never mind I recorded the original when it aired on A&E ten years ago, then watched it obsessively when I was on bed rest (I went into pre-term labor with Andrew).

Never mind I have it on my iPod.

I need this. Nay. I crave it. Besides, how can you pass up a chance at the beautiful gold-embossed green fabric slipcase? Everyone needs a beautiful gold-embossed green fabric slipcase. I can set it next to my Sex and the City collection in its beautiful gold (or is it silver) embossed pink fabric slipcase.

Speaking of P&P and Colin Firth, don’t you just love that scene in Bridget Jones when Colin Firth kicks Hugh Grant’s ass, and the background music is It’s Raining Men? One of those times when movies might edge out books in the “which is better” argument.

And clearly, there is no argument that:

  1. Hugh Grant is in perpetual need of having his ass kicked.

  2. Colin Firth is just the man to do it.

Go here to win Colin, I mean, the tenth anniversary DVD Pride and Prejudice set.

Speaking of contests, Marianne has a list of some and one of her own. If you’re a writer, be sure to stop by. She’s offering up a book on writing that I don’t actually own, so I may have to enter.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 6:21 a.m.