Writing Wrongs

October 03, 2006

So, my horoscope for today says:

If your temper, or the tempers of people around you -- are rising, just ride it out.

Yeah. Okay. Good advice. What I love about Yahoo horoscopes is the extended version is often the opposite of the short one.

People are so intriguing -- they come in all shapes and sizes, and a few universal elements almost always cut across the board. You're able to discuss all sorts of topics with all kinds of people right now.

Wished Iíd read those yesterday. Iíve been humming along nicely in the flash fiction class, ignoring most of the static, when boom. The facilitator accuses me of not doing the assignment.

What compounded this problem is he didnít like anything I wrote. So if I go in to defend myself, it looks like Iím defending my writing. I chanced it anyway and received the non-surprising response of how touchy writers are to suggestions, and what editors will do with your submission, and how heís spent nearly ten years in online fiction classes.

Uh, well guess what. So have I. He didnít actually read what I wrote in my message, which was:

So I rephrased and essentially reiterated what I said the first time. And yeah, I probably shouldíve let it go, but I wanted that bone, an acknowledgement that I actually did the assignment.

None has been forthcoming.

Big surprise. But, I will take the advice above and simply ride it out--the class, that is.

Because, you know, Iíd hate to be a flash in the pan.

Edited to add: Whoo boy. I got a response and how. Iíve all but been kicked out. Me. Who always vows to keep the drama on the page. This has gone into the twilight zone. I decided enough is enough, that if we are destined to misunderstand each other, we should do it in email and not on a public board. Iím hoping it works out because I got a line on one of my openers, and Iíd like to pursue it. In class, no less.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:35 a.m.