Writing Wrongs

October 08, 2006

Marianne reminded me I hadn’t answered that crucial question: why readers are ducks.

First, Jenny Crusie really did announce that readers are ducks. That got us all laughing, then she went on to explain that readers tend to imprint on the first character they meet in a story. She said that of course you can start with someone who isn’t a/the main character, but each shift in point of view causes a mental bump and readjustment in the reading.

I think some of this depends on genre. I suspect mystery and suspense readers don’t mind starting off with the villain or a minor character discovering the body. They know they’ll meet the sleuth soon enough. We could probably spend all day citing exceptions.

Yesterday was Halloween costume day. Kyra is going as Snow White. Andrew is a scary . . . whatever that is.

Dig that wig. Scary things never smile.

There was much debate over the Snow White princess crown and the Snow White wig. Kyra’s been spending time practicing cute princess poses. No, really, she has. Here’s one:

It doesn’t get cuter than this.

Andrew’s been practicing the violin:

He’s not the only boy, or football player, to choose the violin for orchestra. He’s so excited about it right now and I hope it sticks, at least for a while. But the combination has me pondering possible characters for another YA.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:44 a.m.