Writing Wrongs

October 21, 2006

So, Iím not obsessed with my Yahoo horoscope. Really. Iím not. But todayís said:

Take your ego out of your latest project -- let other people in on the fun.

Okay, I will. Because nothing says fun like watching someone edit a manuscript:

I still have sufficient ego that I donít want the type to be too large. Youíll just have to imagine how crappy this page was. And it was. Clearly, sometimes itís better to simply chuck the whole thing, then draw little arrows pointing to the other side of the page:

I know I made this small as well, but you can probably see why I have problems deciphering my own handwriting at times.

My extended horoscope mentioned organization in addition to hard work. Oddly enough, during the ďpinkĒ edit (Iím working on the ďblueĒ edit at the moment), I somehow missed inputting the changes into the soft copy of the manuscript--something I discovered after printing out the whole thing. And here I thought I was organized.

I panicked, thinking Iíd edited on paper but somehow forgot to do the rest. This morning I discovered it was only one little chunk. Iím not sure if that means Iím more or less organized than I thought.

Oh, yeah. This was loads of fun. So much for horoscopes.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:33 a.m.