Writing Wrongs

November 15, 2006

Andrew has a knack for finding the coolest books:

If you can't see the book, click refresh (more than once).

The other day, he brought this one home from the school library. For a school assignment, a boy and a girl must retell a favorite fairytale--together. The girlís involves princesses and ponies, the boyís a cool motorcycle dude. Itís reminiscent of that urban legend writing assignment thatís been floating around the Ďnet for years.

Only this book has a twist. More than one, actually. Princess Tenderheart becomes Princess Warrior (she goes to the gym and pumps iron). The princess and cool motorcycle dude end up working together. So do the boy and the girl. Sort of.

Warning: Kyra found the giant in the cool motorcycle dude portions extra scary (three illustrators worked on this book, visually itís very cool). When we reach those pages, she covers her eyes. But overall? It gets four kidsí thumbs up.


Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:15 p.m.