Writing Wrongs

November 17, 2006

I feel a little guilty blogging about this, because minus Noodler sister participation, I never vote in Romantic Times and Dorchester Publishing's American Title Contest. I know Iím in the minority, but something about it, well, meh. And hey, if I donít vote, that doesnít hurt any of the participants. It would be the same as if I had however many email accounts and voted for all of them, right?

Right. However, that doesnít stop me from rushing over to read the snark-fest at the start of each voting period. It can be enlightening, especially if you write romantic fiction. Even if you donít, you might want to take a peek.

One comment (well a couple actually, but Iíll focus on this one) is making the blog rounds. Diana Peterfreund has an excellent blog entry about the entire contest here.

The comment:

Hilary Ross -- I found the heroine a turn-off, mostly because I disapprove of women who choose to go into combat.

Yeah, I did a double take, but honestly, I was more perplexed by her phrasing than I was by the attitude. When youíve shopped/contested a novel featuring a military heroine for more than a year, this is not something that surprises you. Really.

Note to self: never submit to Ms. Ross. Second note to self: consider never introducing yourself to Ms. Ross should the opportunity arise.

Anyway, the attitude doesnít surprise me. When I was shopping India Charlie, I received a ton of strange rejections. Oddly-worded ones. Mind you, Iíd already shopped a previous novel. I can spot a form rejection at fifty paces. This time around, people went out of their way to say things, and sometimes those things didnít make sense.

Unless you take the above attitude into consideration.

It was weird, and most likely an anomaly, and it made me glad for form rejection letters.

So maybe I should be offended, but Iím not. Maybe I should be angry. Again, Iím not. Itís informative, actually. Oh, so thatís what they were thinking. But more than anything else, I think itís simply odd.

But thatís me.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:58 a.m.