Writing Wrongs

November 19, 2006

Well, I did it. Six partial manuscripts and a CD with the full manuscript are sitting on my desk in a neat pile. The CD is in bubble wrap, because, you know, you can never be too safe. Tomorrow, or maybe on Tuesday, Iíll take the whole bundle to the post office. When it comes to the Golden Heart: mail early, mail often. (Okay, once per manuscript.)

So itís official. Geek Girlís Guide is done. I may never look at it again. In fact, if I never think about it again, I wonít be too heartbroken. There is a Leinenkugelís Berry Weiss in the fridge, with my name all over it. Iím all about the girly beers.

Of course, thereís also brownie ala mode pie with whipped cream in the fridge that also has my name all over it. Oh, the choices. I may have to have both. We may even have some red wine somewhere. In that case, I probably wonít have all three. That mix only spells disaster.

I did learn something from this March to November Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook revision odyssey. Some observations, completely subject to change:

So far now, Iím going to bask in the warm glow of being done. Or maybe thatís the warm glow from the brownie ala mode pie. Whatever. Either way, Iím still done.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 6:48 p.m.