Writing Wrongs

November 29, 2006

Madagascar -- not the movie, but these fellows:

Nice. This is what we did at Cub Scouts last night. Bruce the Bug Guy (he has all sorts of impressive degrees, but he goes by Bruce the Bug Guy) presented . . . bugs. What else? For the first part of the evening, the boys split into groups and each group had two boxes of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches and the millipedes (below) to hold and pet.

African Giant Black Millipedes are beautiful, extremely docile, moisture-loving giants that make the perfect pet arthropod!

You want one. Nay, you crave one.

You know, as these poor things were being passed around, I kind of wondered if this was one of the insect levels of hell. Sure, Andrew’s group was well-behaved, but some of the younger boys wouldn’t stop shrieking. If you ever wanted karmic revenge on cockroaches, I’m pretty sure that last night, you got it.

Kyra wasn’t wild about the idea of actually holding either one, but she did touch both.

The second half of the program was with the more dangerous/delicate creatures: the praying mantis, the tarantula, the scorpions.

Kyra wants a praying mantis because for some reason, she thinks it plays music. No, I don’t know where she picked up that impression. And get this, she wants a tarantula named Lola. (What are you going to name your tarantula?)

Andrew was all attention and shadowed the bug guy before and after the presentation and even ate the flavored mealworms (cheddar flavor being the hands down favorite).


Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:44 a.m.