Writing Wrongs

December 19, 2006

Todayís Radio Disney earworm: Strut by the Cheetah Girls

Every year, my department at work holds a ďsemi-silentĒ auction. Itís starts out silent, with bid sheets, but on auction day, itís anything but quiet. Really, you never knew technical writers could be so loud.

All the proceeds go to Second Harvest Heartland, so all that tension-filled bidding and nail biting is for a good cause.

Iíve bid in the past. Uh, donít get in my way when I want something. I will outbid you. No, really. I will. A couple Christmases ago Andrew ended up with a Lego water city with all its 1,000 pieces and Kyra got a beautiful hand crochet poncho. In pink. Of course.

This year, amazingly, I actually felt creative and came up with a gift basket idea (donít worry, it shouldnít happen again for another decade). Hereís what I made:

Hereís the text I included to entice people to bid:

The Book Loverís Gift Basket

I guess the line about the install guide is an in joke. Itís one of the guides I work on and let's just say is isnít slender. This year, I have my eye on The Polar Express (book, not movie). Weíll see. I havenít made up my mind about which item to get all fierce about.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:49 a.m.