Writing Wrongs

December 23, 2006

Todayís Radio Disney earworm: None! I have Walking In My Shoes by Depeche Mode running through my head.

So, it seems senior editors read pretty fast. I heard back already that my creative nonfiction submission was accepted. Hereís what the editor said:

I did run your piece by our senior editors, and they both loved it (I'm not surprised; it's a great story), so we're on!

If all the stars align and so on, the piece, Learning to Lie Still will appear in an upcoming issue of Literary Mama. (I love that. I just want to go around saying the words: literary mama.) As I described in my cover letter, Learning to Lie Still is a look at pregnancy and bed rest from a female Desert Storm veteran perspective.

Iíll post a link to it (assuming anyone is interested) when it goes live. I wrote the piece a while back, during the odd and ill-fated (for some of us) parentís journey class at the online writing site I frequent. That was back in June 2005. So. This submission thing. It can take a while.

Kyra is very excited about Christmas. The other day, she was running around and around the kitchen aisle singing: ďChristmas is coming--almost. Christmas is coming--almost.Ē She talks a lot about what she calls happy family Christmas. Andrew, heís not so sure. Unlike his sister, who has unwavering faith that Santa will deliver, Andrew hasnít witnessed any shopping activity. Never mind the stack of Amazon boxes in the front hall.

Thatís because Iíve been in stealth-mom mode. I wrapped all the present yesterday. Yes. All. Of. Them. But I like wrapping presents. Back in high school, I spent a couple of Decembers wrapping gifts at Shopko. But thatís a topic worthy of another blog post.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 7:30 a.m.