Writing Wrongs

December 28, 2006

Todayís Radio Disney earworm: None! The kids are at home with my sister (oh, ho, ho, ho--anyone want to lay odds on how frazzled sheíll be when I get home), so my commute was Disney-free. And short. What a different drive it is without stops at two daycares and the bundled and trundle of getting the kids ready to go.

Booking Through Thursday
Any New Year's Reading Resolutions? A certain number of books you want to read in 2007? Certain genres? Something from your TBR pile? Classics to read? Authors to try? Anything at all?

Assuming I can bring in the two books Iím currently reading before the New Year, Iíll have thirty books for 2006. Thatís kind of . . . meh. Iíd like to read more. For 2007, my goal is a book a week, or 52 books for the year. Thatís going to be aggressive, but doable, I think (and yeah, I get to ďcheatĒ with audio books in the car). So, there you have it. Check back this time next year to see if I make it.

I am going to clear out some books in my TBR pile. Got about three YA novels I want to read and two classics I received for Christmas. To Kill A Mockingbird which will be a re-read and Wuthering Heights, which I have never read. I know. I can hardly believe it either, but Iíve never read that book.

Authors to try: Iíve heard so much about Scott Westerfeld (Uglies, Pretties, Specials) that Iíve been meaning to give at least the first book a try. I also need to read for research, first book up is: They Fought for the Motherland: Russia's Women Soldiers in World War I And the Revolution (Modern War Studies).

And thatís about it. If I werenít such a slow reader (I never used to be--that only happened when I started to write), this wouldnít be so intimidating.

So, whatís on your 2007 TBR list?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:21 a.m.