Writing Wrongs

December 30, 2006

So I have Kenneth Branagh in the other room reading The Magician’s Nephew to the kids. Okay, so technically, it’s a CD of Kenneth Branagh and he’s reading The Magician’s Nephew. Still, it has an incredibly calming effect on them. Not to mention me and the dogs.

This whole calming thing is good because Andrew has a croupy sort of cough. I do think it is the croup, even though he’s ten. He still gets that seal bark cough. I had him in a steamy bathroom for a bit when it occurred to me to use my Conair “facial spa” for the steam. Far more efficient, economical, ecological and other words that start with E. So Andrew’s been sucking down steam and having his pores opened at the same time.

Of course, if Kenneth Branagh were actually here, I might have him help me put together the new iHome system for my iPod I received for Christmas. Which actually isn’t that complicated, but I’d have him sit there and read the instructions while I put it together. I mean, come on. Have you hear that accent? HAWT.

Anyway, I cleared off my nightstand with its towering TBR pile. (I suspect this was the motivation behind the gift.) I bagged up the books I won’t read/tried to read/have read/was only kidding myself about for the YMCA book sale. I, uh, kept a lot more than I gave away, but it’s a start.

But check it--my nightstand has only two books on it. True, there are a few more waiting in the wings on a little side table next to the nightstand, but at least I’m no longer being threatened by the gi-normous towering stack of books.

And the iHome instructions assure me that tomorrow morning I will experience “gentle awake” thanks to it and my iPod.

I can hardly wait.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 3:47 p.m.