Writing Wrongs

January 02, 2007

New Year’s Eve started off as the ugliest day ever. Rain had washed away that tiny layer of snow we had, and now it was making mud soup of everything. It was dreary and depressing. Then around noon, the rain changed over to snow.

It began to stick and white flakes brightened the otherwise dismal sky. Then, in the morning, we had six inches of the most pristine snow cover.

Here are a few shots of the back forty yesterday morning:

Of course, my expert snow-shoveler is still under the weather. So. That meant I had to go out and shovel the front forty. And shovel I did, since I’m not sure where the working snow blower is. Even if I did, I’m not sure “working” is an adjective I can apply to the snow blower.

So I pulled on my flannel-lined jeans. What? You don’t own a pair of those? I got them for Christmas a few years back. This makes them skinny jeans. I was pleased to see they still fit. I don’t wear them too often because: 1) even in Minnesota, they’re too warm to wear if you’re just lounging around the house, and 2) they are serious “mom jeans.” I swear, the waist goes up to my armpits. I’m not pulling a Paris Hilton with the jeans I normally wear, but dude, it was like wearing a corset.

Oh, but they were toasty. I cleared most of the walk and driveway while Kyra pelted me with snowballs and made tracks through the snow.

It was a beautiful day.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:54 a.m.