Writing Wrongs

January 08, 2007

We are “re-crouperating” today. Yes, now it’s Kyra’s turn to have the croup. It scared her a little a first (and it is kind of scary to cough that seal-bark cough). She didn’t want to go back to bed because, according to her, there was croup all over her pillow. I assured her there wasn’t, but I’m not sure she believed me.

So I’m here, at home, listening to Winnie the Pooh (and Piglet, too), while the dogs snore, and the sun shines. I paid the bills. I contemplated the fact that I just signed up to write 930 words per day on my current WIP (because I’m crazy, that’s why--watch that word count bar). I thought about updating the blog with clever made-up words like “re-crouperating.”

Instead, I’ll answer Anno’s question. She asked about “squee.” Let’s consider it in context:

The table looked crowded, nothing but elbows and interlocking chair legs, and squealing over Landon Scott--or some other hottie of the week. Not that MacKenna had anything against hotties. She just didn’t feel the need to squee over them.

It probably surprises no one that Landon will end up as MacKenna’s love interest. The gloves I mentioned in the last entry were actually for swimming, believe it or not. And with that in mind, I anticipate at any moment that the UPS guy (I’m stalking him on Amazon) will drop this off at my door:

I know, I know, but try to contain your excitement.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:22 p.m.