Writing Wrongs

January 17, 2007

Early this morning, something compelled me to turn on the computer while I was writing my morning pages. I usually donít, but thought, what the heck, Iíll take a peek at all that email action that happened while I slept.

Cuz you know, thereís always email action, even if itís mail with such enticing subject lines as: you visible so progeny or Who Were You in a Past Life? (You take one little online astrology quiz, and itís all over, email-wise, anyway. Theyíre worse than CareerBuilder.)

Then there are subject lines like this:

your Literary Mama submission

Monday evening, a flurry of emails flew back and forth between me and the creative nonfiction editor. There were a couple of edits (minor) and a few questions (military related), plus I had to send in the contract and a bio.

When I looked at examples of some of the other bios on the site, I nearly fainted. Weíre talking Ivy League schools, multiple MFAs, serious nonfiction books, pub credits such as The New Yorker or Ploughshares. Then thereís me.


Talk about being intimidated.

But itís up if youíre bored and want to have a look.

Learning to Lie Still

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:03 a.m.