Writing Wrongs

January 19, 2007

Last night when I went to update my word count meter, it made my blog disappear. As in all of it. No template. Just a blank page on the web. Kind of like my mind sometimes. Hmm. Is it trying to tell me something?

So. I’m not up to troubleshooting the code. I’ll guess I’ll take it off the side and include it at the bottom when I update. Or something like that. I know watching that little bar move across the screen is right up there with the whole paint drying/grassing growing thing. I’d hate to disappoint.

We’ve been recovering from various diseases all week. Again, it’s nonstop excitement here at Chez Tahmaseb. In honor of the awards season upon us, I give you:

Best line spoken by one of my offspring:

The winner is: Kyra. For: “Mommy, Andrew needs help going down the drain.”

I feel compelled to point out what he needed help with was draining the tub.

Best use of music to make parent feel old:

The winner is: Andrew. For: “You know, Mommy, Prince. Actually, I think there were two Princes. One of them is singing at the Super Bowl. He was around in the olden days of Minneapolis.”

Ah, yes. 1984. The olden days of Minneapolis. I remember them well. Andrew totally didn’t believe me when I tried to explain Prine/The Artist formerly known as Prince. “That’s crazy, Mommy,” he said. “Why would anyone do that?”

I. Don’t. Know.

~ The blogger formerly known as Charity.

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