Writing Wrongs

January 27, 2007

Thank you for your patience--if you were waiting that is. Big news here at Writing Wrongs and Chez Tahmaseb. Kyraís moving up a level in swimming, and as she puts it, ďIím almost a mermaid.Ē Seriously, she is. Her teacher says that for someone so young, Kyra can hold her breath for a really long time. You might say she's mastered the fine art of holding her breath. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Andrewís pinewood derby car came in second for his den and third overall.

And now, for the big announcement: who wins the copy of Dairy Queen.

First, letís stir those entries, shall we?

Kyra waits not so patiently. Clearly, she has better things to do.

Picking a winner is no laughing matter.

We have a winner! Even Toby gets in on the action. Of course, that might be rear end sniffing action. Itís the thought that counts.

And our winner is Ö


Yay, Pat! I think I know where you live, or at least, where to send the book. Iíll email you to make double sure.

Thanks, everyone! The kids got a kick out of picking the names.

The Fine Art of Holding Your Breath
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