Writing Wrongs

February 20, 2007

I am pathetic. Iím telling you, I switch projects and boom--my mind goes completely blank. I could stare at a blank Word document for hours and be perfectly entertained.

So, Iím resorting to a meme, not even a recent one, but one from a few weeks back.

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Week of Feb 4: This or That? Pick one!

  1. peanut butter or jelly?
    Peanut butter. I craved it while pregnant with both kids. I love ďpeanut butter breadsĒ or toast (which was what I had for lunch yesterday). Unless jelly = orange marmalade, then all bets are off.

  2. hiking or swimming?
    I like both, but Iím probably going with the hiking because itís easier to stop and write something down.

  3. football or baseball?
    Football, all the way. Baseball--really, did someone invent that as a cure for insomnia?

  4. christmas or thanksgiving?
    You know, I really like thanksgiving.

  5. grade school or high school?
    Iíll have to go with high school, only because from a writing perspective, thereís more inherent conflict (at least for me) in high school.

  6. summer or winter?
    Autumn. Wait. What was the question?

  7. romance novel or mystery novel?
    How about a romantic mystery novel with a mainstream look and feel, with a tendency toward dark humor, a few buckets of tears, and a hopefully ever after ending? No?

  8. mickey mouse or barney?
    Youíre asking a mother of a four-year-old this question? I know of no one, no one, I tell you, who would pick Barney over The Mouse.

  9. road trip or airplane?
    Airplane, simply because driving to Europe would be kind of tough.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:56 a.m.