Writing Wrongs

February 26, 2007

Courtesy of Monday’s a Bitch (via Marianne):

  1. Last time you ate Kraft Dinner?

  2. Actual consumption? I couldn’t say. However, I did cook Kraft Dinner AKA “shapes macaroni and cheese,” as we called it here, for the kids. It was Spiderman shapes macaroni and cheese. And because we had no milk, I made it with half and half. Yeah, I’m a culinary genius.

  3. Last thing you bought yourself for no practical purpose whatsoever?

  4. A book? It was Wild Roses. I guess this has little if any practical purpose. It comes in a goofy not-quite mass market, not trade paperback size. So you couldn’t use it as a doorstop. It doesn’t line up all that well on the shelf or in a stack. The cover is adorable, however.

  5. Last time you left the country?

  6. That would be last year for our trip to Cancun, which the kids still talk about. Kyra loves to corner people who don’t know about the trip to Cancun so she can tell them all about it.

  7. Last time you did a crossword puzzle?

  8. The last time I looked at one was when I helped Andrew create one based on an Encyclopedia Brown for a book report project. Marianne referred to them as brain food. Let’s just say, in that case, my brain, she is starving.

  9. Last photograph you took?

  10. See yesterday’s entry. Big snow!

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:46 a.m.