Writing Wrongs

February 27, 2007

The other day, the very funny and talented Janet Mullany posted this link to the Noodler email loop:

Cleaning Hunk

Yes, you read that correctly, the site is cleaninghunk.com. And really, shouldnít all sites be cleaning hunk dot something? I do.

I did a quick click through, because I had Kyra on my lap. While I was sure it wouldnít be outrageous, one can never be too safe with an impressionable four-year-old. I still have the Hello Kitty wedding dress site banned. Merely a precaution, but even if we start saving now, we canít afford the Hello Kitty Princess wedding extravaganza.

Again, better safe than sorry.

So, I clicked through. A dark-haired gentleman appeared on the screen and started taking off his shirt. Kyra, in all her four-year-old wisdom, said:

"Oh, is that my daddy?"

I'm still laughing.

As an aside, it is a safe click-through (itís an advertisement). I went with Brian, cleaning the kitchen, in the gladiator costume. Cuz nothing says clean kitchen like ancient Rome, the Colosseum, and fights to the death.

So, whoís your daddy Cleaning Hunk?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:37 a.m.