Writing Wrongs

March 09, 2007

Today Marianne’s story Tickle Fights and Barbeques is available for download and reading.


If you love a good “kiss” story (as Andrew calls them), hop on over to The Wild Rose Press and buy a copy. As Andrew once sagely said to me, “Mommy, maybe if you wrote more about kissing and less about war, people would buy your books.”


In my own news, I found out that my flash fiction piece Rules for Visiting Hades placed third in Flash Me Magazine’s Flash for Big Cash contest. Since I came in third, I guess I only flashed for moderate cash. (I’m cheap and easy.) The contest anthology goes on sale March 15th.

They’re using the proceeds to support the magazine and pay writers professional rates--that’s a cause I can get behind. For you writers out there, they also nominate for the Pushcart. Another huge perk. It’s the small press version of the Academy Awards and it really is an honor just to be nominated

Besides, where else can you read a story that manages to combine Cold War espionage, cosmopolitans, Cary Grant, Pushkin, Greek mythology, and phrases like peace through superior firepower all in one 650-word package? Nowhere, I tell you, except this anthology. (See, there I go, writing about war again.)

In other news, Kyra and I were growing out our hair. Now it’s just Kyra. I had mine cut. It was driving me crazy. Seriously, you women (and men, too) with long hair against your neck: How do you stand that? It was to the point that I needed to see my stylist NOW or pull a Britney Spears and go to town with Bob’s electric razor.

I’m back to the inverted bob, not quite as extreme as Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckman. Of course, I am the Posh Spice of technical writing. Or maybe I am simply in my mind, when I’m not the Angelina Jolie of tech writing.

Man, wouldn’t that make a great book. Now if I could just work in some kissing ….

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:11 a.m.