Writing Wrongs

March 31, 2007

This is what happens when I let Kyra run wild in Half-Price Books:

Silly me. I had no idea there was an entire line of “French Kitty” products, journals, lingerie, and so on. I guess you could pretty much call this the feline version of chick lit--kit lit, if you will. Kyra, of course, loves it. She also found a book that involves polar bears and rainbows.

I got a little miffed at all the adults in the YA section. But I did score a pristine copy of Small Steps, the follow up to Holes (Yearling Newbery) and rounds out Andrew’s Louis Sacher collection. I also found The Big Book of Boy Stuff. If you scroll past the somewhat priggish review from School Library Journal, you’ll see that it’s a hit with a bunch of Amazon reviewers. I ask Andrew, per the review, if he was insulted by: being able to make a farting or bombing sound is very important to your career as a boy. In a word: no. He thought it was funny.

I found nothing, however, on the YA shelves that I wanted or didn’t already own. I even crawled on the floor to get to the Zs (for Markus Zusak, of course). This after I had to shoot death ray eyes at all the other adults in the YA section.

Still, I have French Kitty to look forward to tonight.

Oui, Oui, Waikiki.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 7:52 p.m.