Writing Wrongs

April 04, 2007

So, after I brag about actually cooking, what happens? We arrive home last night to find power is out. This makes it difficult to cook. Ha. There goes what little street cred I had in that department.

The power company says power will be restored by 9:30 p.m. It’s starting to snow. We decide on Wendy’s.

I notice while I drive there that everyone on the other side of the street has power. The neighbors’ Christmas lights are on, which is fine, because it’s snowing.

I’m not all that wild about the Wendy’s menu except the baked potato. Remember the “fresh-stuffed pitas” and the Nicole Kidman clone who hawked them? Anyway, they’re not on the menu anymore. Neither is Nicole Kidman, so guys, just stop asking.

I order the food, along with my potato, and the conversation with the cashier goes like this:
Me: Baked potato, please.
Cashier: Sour cream or sour cream with chives?
Me: Just butter.
Cashier: Sour cream or sour cream with chives?
Me: Butter, please, lots.
Cashier: Sour cream or sour cream with chives?
Me: But--
Cashier: Sour cream or sour cream with chives?
Me (in defeat): Sour cream.

Word to the wise: If you order the baked potato, you must select a sour cream product. And for all my trouble, they only throw in one container of buttery-goodness-but-not-real-butter product. I’m not 100% sure the sour cream is real.

I have my doubts about the chives, too.

While we eat, Andrew offers up various prayers that the power remains off so we can stay at the hotel with the little water park. Never mind it’s spring break, and he’s gone swimming at the Y, at a new community center water park, and swim lessons so far this week.

As we finish, the refrigerator starts to hum. My printer whirls. Andrew looks dour. Kyra eats my sour cream.

And the neighbors? Well, their Christmas lights are still on.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:25 a.m.