Writing Wrongs

May 09, 2007

That noise you hear is the blog party over at Marianneís for her release of Miles FromYou from The Wild Rose Press. Sheís having a contest and it involves chocolate, so go take a peek.

Speaking of winning stuff, I won an ARC of Rises The Night from Colleen the other day. Let me tell you, the cover is even prettier up close and personal. As soon as I need a break from A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924, Iím diving in. Hmmm Ö I feel a break coming on.

In other news, Iíve been in writing slump. There. Iíve said it. Slump. Slump, slump, slumpity, slump.


For some reason, I canít stand my writing voice. I scan the things Iíve written recently (not old stuff, but all the newer material) and it makes me cringe. Iíd write for myself but myself doesnít seem to be all that enamored with me.

Do you know how hard it is to edit/revise something when you donít like the sound of it?


So, here I am. Wondering what to do. I already think itís too late for MacKennaís story. I shouldíve thought of/written it two year ago. Itís close to being OBE (Overcome By Events, not Order of the British Empire or Out of Body Experience). Even worse, I wish I could make myself care. Iím all kinds of ďmehĒ when it comes to writing lately. Donít feel inclined to write, donít feel guilty for not writing. See ďmehĒ above.

Well, isnít this a scintillating post? Seriously, youíre better off over at Marianneís, what with all that chocolate. I donít want sympathy. And I really donít want links to writing prompts. Try it and I may have to ban your IP address. Kidding.

Sort of.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:36 a.m.