Writing Wrongs

May 14, 2007

We lost a library book. Okay, so we’re not so great with getting the videos back to the video store on time, but we’re pretty good with library books. But this one mysteriously disappeared. Ironically, its title is … wait for it … Mysterious Disappearances. Even our library books have a sense of humor.

Of course we searched and searched. But the only way to find one thing is to look for something else. Andrew was in the process of tearing the house apart in search of his “claw machine” toy when he found the book. “Here you go, Mommy,” he said, tossing it at me.

And speaking of things disappearing, yesterday, Andrew lost not one, not two, but THREE teeth! He lost two in the span of twenty minutes while we were talking to my sister on the phone. Then last night, a third popped out. These are all his back baby teeth and sure enough, the adult teeth are already moving in. This morning, the tooth fairy, she is broke.

Last night, I walked into the bedroom to hear Kyra say, “Oh, you’re a big mama!” I froze. “How did you get so big?” she asked. I looked down at the piece of pie on the plate I was carrying. That seemed to be the obvious answer.

Actually, Kyra was the mama. She was merely providing dialogue for the little doll she held. We played a game where she was the mom, Andrew was the little brother (Andrew as little is one of Kyra’s themes), and I was the teenager. My name was Kayla, which is Kyra’s new favorite name. In Kyra’s world, teenagers get to drive to the mall, shop for “fashion clothes,” and go to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Sounds good to me. And I’d head there right now, except--

The tooth fairy, she is broke.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:57 a.m.