Writing Wrongs

May 22, 2007

I’m already thinking up things for this long weekend. None of which, amazingly (ha, ha), involve yard work. Although, we will water the roses we planted this weekend (promise, Mom).

First, there’s Shrek the Third, which seems to be getting mixed and meh reviews. Anyone see it yet? Still, the kids would like to see it in the theater. And I figure it isn’t the sort of kid movie that will make me want to stab my eyes out with hot pokers, yanno? I’m sure I’ve sat through worse.

Then I checked the Children’s Museum. Not only is the rooftop garden (my favorite) open for the summer, but they have a new exhibit revolving around Curious George. Kyra is very excited and even Andrew expressed fair amount of interest (wouldn’t want to damage that ten-year-old street cred).

Andrew’s hoping the roses will bloom, so he can bring one to his teacher before school ends. If that doesn’t work out, he plans to give her a copy of the comic book he wrote last night. It revolves around bodily functions transformed into superpowers. The first installment features “barf bunnies” and pretty much goes down hill from there.

I have creatively slotted in writing time and maybe some query time as well. With luck, I won’t accidentally layer in pages of Barf Bunny in between those of my manuscript.

Anyone else dreaming about the weekend?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:44 a.m.