Writing Wrongs

May 25, 2007

Question: Could you devise the perfect day for a ten-year-old boy?

Answer: Yesterday, I think we came pretty darn close.

First, Andrew went to a local amusement park as a reward for completing eight book projects throughout the school year. This was in addition to the nine assigned book projects all the fifth and sixth graders must do. Not everyone got to go, just those with the extra eight projects.

Andrew put his ten-year-old boy street cred on the line and turned in two projects on the Dear Dumb Diary series. Clearly “girl” books, but we worked out a secret code with his teacher beforehand. Street cred, intact.

It rained on the kids all day long. Andrew was soaked, all the way down to his boxers (a new fashion addition this year). Of course, he also went on The Wave five times. He also went on the bumper cars three times in a row. He can’t wait to go back.

Then, it was football fun night. Parents hand in registration for the fall, kids (yep, girls too) play two-hand touch pickup football with the varsity team. Andrew played hard for forty-five straight minutes. Kyra and I ran/walked around the track. We did a mile. It got cold; we went home.

Then, the cherry on top: Andrew’s entry was drawn in a Cartoon Network sweepstakes. In six to eight weeks, with my consent (which I gave, of course), he’ll be the proud owner of a Naruto Official Ninja Gear Headband (valued at eight dollars). Come on, admit it. You want one, too.

He fell into bed that night, completely blissed out.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 4:31 p.m.