Writing Wrongs

June 01, 2007

Fifteen things on my weekend to-do list:

  1. Dance recital rehearsal

  2. Dance recital

  3. Hope Kyra’s top hat stays on during dance recital

  4. Aqua Net, buy lots

  5. Do not obsessively check email

  6. See Major Barbara

  7. Pay the bills

  8. Do not obsessively check email

  9. Ditto for the mailbox out front

  10. Boy Scout picnic

  11. Writing assignment for class

  12. Exercise

  13. Laundry

  14. Do not obsessively check email

  15. Write on paper

I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post about writing on paper when I needed to do something serious. Marianne commented that writing on paper made her feel freer and that the green squiggly lines in Word’s grammar checker messed with her mind. (M, step away from the grammar checker; it is not your friend.)

That was, in a way, what I meant, when I said “serious.” When I need to work something out, get to an emotional truth, when I’m not cutting close enough to the bone, I move to paper.

No matter how much I like to type (and I do like to mindlessly type, kind of like what I’m doing right now …), and as much as I like the internet, and word processors, sometimes, the computer screen feels soulless.

There’s something about paper and ink, and the feel of the two together that makes all the difference.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:04 a.m.