Writing Wrongs

June 04, 2007

The dancing penguin did her dance. She only missed a few steps. She had a great time being on stage, and wearing makeup (eye shadow, “makeup cheeks” aka blush, and lipstick), and hairspray. Someone likes hairspray because it makes her hair “still.”

The dancing penguin and her brother

The day took its emotional toll, however. Between the dress rehearsal and the show, I was walking around in a daze. The kids started to squabble and I heard a lot of:

“No, you the bully.”
“You were the bully first.”
“Well, you were the bully back.”

And so on. I put them in separate rooms for a while.

I ask you. Is this the face of a bully?

Then, magically, they got back together on a shared mission to find a secret passage in our house. Our house was built circa 1988. Sadly, there is nothing secret about the 80s, and their disappointed was assured.

But at least they weren’t fighting.

Now, does anyone know of any practical uses for a penguin costume?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:43 a.m.