Writing Wrongs

June 08, 2007

Oh, itís been a long week. Nothing bad, just busy. Work. Writing class. Hotdish. Last week of school, and so on.

Andrew has his last day of school today. The fifth and sixth graders went to a park for an all-day picnic extravaganza. They were divided into groups and had to plan their own meals, split up the shopping list, and bring supplies.

I hope it went okay. Andrew was a little nervous. The day before, his same group was supposed to bring supplies for an egg-drop experiment. Andrew rounded up bubble wrap, leftover foam that I used to secure Kyraís penguin hat to her head, paper towel tubes, and so on.

He was the only one who brought anything, at all, in his group. One boy lamented, ďNo one told me what to bring.Ē Uh, that was the whole point--to figure it out on your own.

Walking to the car this morning, loaded down with supplies and gear, he said, ďIím a little worried about this. I kind of lost my trust the other day.Ē

Well, if no one else follows through, at least they can feast on Dr. Pepper, hotdog buns, graham crackers, bananas, pineapple, and pudding cups.

Iím pleased to report that the double secret probation hotdish project seems to be going rather well. People seem to be showing an interest in sampling the hotdish. Now, if someone will just want the recipe, weíll be in business. (I know, I know, shameless teasing. I promise full disclosure once everything shakes out.)

In other writing-type news, Iíve decided to rewrite MacKenna in first person. Yes, this is a major undertaking. Yes, itís all I think about, except when Iím forced to think about other things, like traffic laws. Yes, Iíve been circling around her voice in ever tightening concentric circles. And, yes, I think Iím almost there.

Kyra has a check up today. Itís also pajama day today at her daycare. Did we pack a backup outfit? No, we did not. She wants the world (or at least the doctorís office) to see the glory that is her new Hello Kitty rock star pajamas (not to be confused with her old Hello Kitty rock star pajamas).

This is just like the time (or perhaps a little worse) when we went to Target on a pajama day. Someone was feeling very chi-chi and didnít mind sashaying through the aisles in her pajamas.

I think that takes a particular personality type, someone with ťlan. That someone is most certainly the Marvelous Miss B.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:37 p.m.