Writing Wrongs

July 03, 2007

The other night Andrew and I were talking about why Snape (in Harry Potter, where else) hates Harry. Actually, Andrew amended, Snape pretty much hates everyone. Hes this British guy whos grouchy all the time.

Which, when you think about it, could describe a whole slew of British guys, fictional and real.

Andrew went on to say that maybe Snape has a lost love. You know, Mommy, he said. You could be the happiest person in the world, but losing someone you love, that could make you grouchy and mean all the time, even if before, you were happy all the time.

There you have it. Characterization by Andrew. Nicolas Sparks, watch your back.

Between the jaunt around the lake we took in the canoe Sunday and swim lessons on Monday, the kids have been so quiet--as in, I feel this need to check on them just to make sure quiet. Although, really, all Kyra did was trail her hand in the water ala Cleopatra. Still, its hard work being elegant.

The maiden voyage. The boys make sure the canoe is sea er, lake-worthy.

Miss B, suited up and ready to go.

Andrew, getting lots of backseat canoeing instruction from me.

I have my eyes closed, Bob has the camera, Andrew isnt looking, whos steering this thing?

Andrew tries his hand, er, paddle at steering.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:34 a.m.