Writing Wrongs

June 24, 2007

Yesterday was the big “old fashioned” ice cream social, junkantique market, fair and fireworks extravaganza. I’m not even sure this event has a name or if it’s simply “bunch o’ stuff” day. In any case, the kids love it.

In the early afternoon, we went to the ice cream social for fun ‘n crafts:

Portrait of the artist as a young girl

And the result

Don’t ask.

Then, later in the afternoon, we headed over to the courthouse/community center, where they set up the bigger fair stuff, music, fair food, and lots of things to do. The neat thing is, except for the food, it’s all free.

This was Andrew’s favorite--bungee football. There’s another boy hooked up on the opposite side. In the background, you can see the “Titanic”. Yes, both Andrew and Kyra scaled that.

Ah, the joy of the glitter tattoo! Won’t come off!

The result. Glitter tattoo. Glitter sunglasses. Clearly, it doesn’t get much better than that.

This donkey crept up on Andrew and nuzzled the back of his neck. A far nicer greeting than the goose that head butted him on the rear.

Andrew scales to great heights in his bare feet

The next two pictures the kids find beyond hilarious. For lack of a better explanation, they are emerging from the butt of an inflatable caterpillar.

It wouldn’t be a fair without cotton candy:

I thought for sure Kyra wouldn’t make it to the fireworks. We live close enough that we watch from the living room window. When it’s all done, there’s no fighting crowds, traffic, or mosquitoes.

She didn’t crash. Upon reflection, I think it might have been that cotton candy. You think? At home, she jitterbugged and break danced around to a song she made up called How the princess talks. How does the princess talk? Something like this:

Go me. Go her. Go everyone in the world. Everyone get your moving on.

Amazingly in all this, I wrote. I drafted my assignment for the children’s writing class in the morning (about 700 words), then in between our two excursions, I worked on the first chapter I’ll be posting for class critique (in which I removed 700 words--I broke even.)

I guess I had my moving on.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:52 a.m.