Writing Wrongs

July 14, 2007

First, I have to say I’m loving my new chocolate camera. I push the button and the camera takes the picture right away instead of fanning itself, lazily pushing from the couch, and then taking the picture. Who knew?

Me, after realizing the chocolate in “chocolate camera” wasn’t edible

There was a bit of a bump, or bit--and when I say “bit” I mean drill bit--in Bob’s Boler plans today.

Oh, sure, everything looks calm. Looks are deceiving.

Bob’s palm became well acquainted with his drill bit. After a bit (no pun intended) of cajoling, I got him to go to urgent care. Actually, we all went. It was a family fieldtrip. All is well, no bone breaks, no nerve damage. But he got a big, old bandage that the kids wanted to sign, despite it not being plaster.

Kyra doesn’t just sign her name, she adds a heart.

Andrew’s turn

Talk to the hand.

Oh, and where is Bob now, you might ask?


Working on the Boler.


Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 5:19 p.m.