Writing Wrongs

March 30, 2004

I promised more later, didnít I? What can I say? Life got in the way. Some possibly big changes for me, unfortunately they do not involve a publishing contract. Looks like my hours will be sliced in half at work, meaning . . .

I donít know what. Eventual new job? Yuck. I so do not want to do the job interview thing again. Ever. Right now, Iím contemplating freelance/article work. One filler drafted and one query sent. Weíll see how it goes. It could mean more time for writing what I want to, which could be pretty cool.

Writing Progress: Iíve passed the 5,000 word mark on Accidental Cheerleader.

What Iím reading: How Not To Spend Your Senior Year and I owe a book review on Royally Jacked.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:55 p.m.