Writing Wrongs

March 22, 2005

Sorry for no updates for a few days. Diaryland was having some technical difficulties, so it seemed to make sense to stay off line and not add to their problems. Also, the nap-less wonder, aka, the marvelous Miss B., aka, Kyra must be watched like a hawk. Did I ever tell you about the time she locked me out of the house? Her latest ambition is to drive my car to see the “ponies”. She takes her toddler purse and my car keys and stands at the front door, trying to work the keys in the lock, all the time plaintively talking about the ponies.

Andrew gets his Cub Scout bear badge tonight--at least, I think he will. He’s met all the requirements, so I’m hoping they don’t make him wait until April to receive the actual badge.

Two nights in a row I’ve had weird, writing-related dreams. Last night, I dreamt that I had some flu-like illness that kept me from writing The Boys’ Club and my critique partner D. made the trip to Minnesota to help me out. I’m assuming by Friday, all such dreams shall vanish, much to my relief.

I did accomplish 338 words on The Boys’ Club over the weekend. Oh, yeah. That’s progress. It was, however, in chronological order. So that’s something. I was email chatting with a friend about how I “binge write.” I always have. At first I thought it was because I had an infant at home while trying to write and work fulltime. When I was writing India Charlie I tracked my progress for a couple of months and realized no matter what I did, I still wrote about the same number of words each month.

You know, “they” say if you want to write, you need to write every day. Actually, I do that, but I don’t always work on my fiction every day. I try to make the most of my method instead of fighting it (and if you notice my blog dates, I do the same thing, a bunch of entries, then nothing for a bit). When the “rules” don’t fit, you gotta do something. Like change the rules.

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