Writing Wrongs

March 29, 2005

We have a new printer at work, which is something only technical writers get excited about. Oh, but this one doesnít just print. It copies, it scans, it turns things into PDFs and sends them to your email inbox. If you ask it nicely, it might make you a cup of coffee.

In other news, I received an agent request. I admit it. I havenít been all that aggressive in marketing Accidental Cheerleader. Both D. and P. think I should be, but after so many trips on the marketing merry-go-round, Iím dizzy, not to mention queasy.

But on Sunday, I woke up determined for some reason. An agent, who has read and liked my previous novels, but hasnít felt she could market them, also represents select Young Adult fiction. So I thought, why not ask what type of YA fiction and I sent her an email. I briefly mentioned Accidental Cheerleader and the next one--still very much in the works--The Geek Girlís Guide to Public Speaking and Humiliation (yes, I know thatís a long title).

On Monday, I received a request for the first manuscript and the synopsis of the other.

Except . . . I have no synopsis. The Geek Girlís Guide is still in that nebulous, swirling mass of story notions that reside in my head. Itís a fun place to be with a story, but a synopsis, it ainít.

So, Iím going to try to write an overview, pitch type of thing rather than a full-blown synopsis and send that along with the other manuscript.

If you donít see me for a few days, Iím either wrestling with the pitch or admiring the new printer.

I mean really. Youíve got to see this thing. Itís beyond cool.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:54 p.m.